What exactly is the PRO Physics? Here’s how we made MXGP PRO the most realistic MX experience ever!

After MXGP 3, we spent months and months reading all community’s feedback, listening to their say on Socials, and working hard to improve the game meeting all their high expectations. The result gave us one of the games we are most proud of: MXGP PRO and its PRO Physics.

Among all the player requests, there were a few constant things: free, realistic whips; more in-air control; ruts that influence how you take corners; clutch control for super-fast starts.

And these are only just a few things we’ve implemented in the new, innovative PRO Physics. Expect lots of features to increase realism: hard landings on short jumps, more seat bouncing, suspensions that actually matter. Beware, though, with all this realism the whole thing will be a lot more challenging as well!

MXGP PRO will be available the 29th of June on PS4, Xbox One and PC/Steam.

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